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  • Retreat to Win

    Last week I had the privilege and opportunity to go on a prayer and fasting retreat.  This was the largest I had been on as 23 men gathered to worship and seek God.  Included in the 23 were some very successful and might I add busy men.  Their message to the young men was steady and clear... "The greatest habit a man or woman can develop in life is the habit of spending time in the secret place with God."  The secret place is the place where we pray, worship, seek, and m...  Read More...

  • Simplify Your Life

    During the 1970s and 1980s the Bulgarians dominated the sport of Olympic weightlifting. After the Berlin Wall fell the training logs of the Soviets were finally opened up. To everyones surprise the training programs that allowed the Bulgarians to dominate revolved around...  Read More...